Brightcove and YouTube

I’m currently using Brightcove as a video CRM and wanted to migrate away from the service to YouTube.  A few years back we were thinking about migrating from Brightcove to a home grown video platform that was embedded into the CMS.  In order to accomplish this, we were looking at ingesting the MRSS feed out of Brightcove into the new CMS.  That project never got off the ground, so we continued to stay on Brightcove.

Now with more and more publishers taking advantage of the YouTube montetization platform, we’ve decided to create a YouTube channel.  There are services like TubeMogul that are SaaS middle ware to allow cross publishing of video content to Brightcove and other video services.  I stumbled upon a new service that I’ve never seen before and didn’t come up in Google searches.

You basically allow Brightcove access to your YouTube channel and it will sync all or videos that meet simple criteria.  I chose to sync all 2000+ videos on our Brightcove account, and it worked seamlessly.  All video metadata was also synced and if you make changes on the Brightcove side, it automatically syncs up on the YouTube side as well.

I checked the YouTube side and it seems the files actually get uploaded to YouTube, so if you were to disconnect the sync (or cancel your Brightcove account), the videos and all the metadata should remain on the YouTube side.

YouTube showing the source file

I’ll have to run a test where I create the syndication link to YouTube and then cancel it to see if the videos on YouTube disappear.