Must Have Mobile App – MobileDay

Have you ever tried to join a conference call on your mobile phone while driving? I’ve done it once or twice while driving into the office and let me tell you, it’s not the most pleasant part of the day. It usually consists of me trying to remember bits of the dial in phone number and then flipping back to the email to get the conference call passcode.

MobileDay is a free app that scrapes your mobile calendar for meetings that include phone numbers and organizes them by day. What’s also great about this app is that all the pertinent meeting information is displayed, and allows you to easily email everyone on the meeting that you are running late.

MobileDay - Calendar View
MobileDay – Calendar View

With one tap, the app will dial into the meeting for you and dial in the passcode. Can’t get much easier than that!

The app will also store your conference bridge information such as passcodes and moderator codes, so if you were to setup a meeting via MobileDay, it would enter in all the appropriate phone numbers. You can also start an impromptu call using the “Quick Call” feature that dials you in as the moderator and allows you to invite people via email or text. – web based infographic creation tool

I present and receive data everyday in multiple formats. Sometimes it’s simply plopped into an Excel document and sent to me via email. I’ll usually get it and glance over it without much thought. If I do decide I want to really analyze the data, I’ll delve into it a bit deeper.

I recently found a SAAS solution to allow users to create information graphics – Infographics without much more work than plopping data into an Excel sheet at You can start using the service for free, but your published work will become public. For a nominal monthly fee, which is currently discounted to $9/month (normally $18/month), you can keep your infographics private.

What’s great about is that you can choose from multiple design templates and pick and choose from many different types of charts.

Chart types in
Chart types in

Once you decide on a chart type, you simply enter in data like you would into Excel.

Chart Data -
Chart Data –

After you are done, you can see it update immediately in your infographic.

Once all your charts and text and entered into your infographic, you can download the file as a PNG or PDF or share it with a custom URL.