Instagram Analytics

Instagram is a great tool for brands to create a following. Much like Facebook, you post something in hopes that it will garner likes or followers. However, unlike Facebook, Instagram was born mobile first, and as such doesn’t have a desktop interface that allows crucial features such as analytics.

Here is where 3rd party apps come to the rescue! There are some web based sites/apps as well as mobile apps that allow users to get analytics on their Instagram accounts. Here are some free ones;




Simply Measured is a web based tool that provides insights into a few different social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Vine, Google+ and of course Instagram. I opted for the free Instagram report and after allowing access to my Instagram profile, it spit out a 4 page report that was pretty informative. Here is a sample report from their website.

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While the report is great, it doesn’t let you drill down into specific photos. This is a great report to share with your marketing team on a weekly or monthly basis.





Iconosquare is a web based tool that allows you to view insights into your posts. A great feature of this tool is that you can view drill down into specific photos and see who like your posts. There is also overall statistics you can view on a rolling monthly basis.

One great feature of the tool is the Optimization section. It provides tips on how to improve the virality of you posts using hashtags, by showing what hashtags you routinely use versus what is popular on Instagram. This can give you a better idea on what hashtags to start including to get more exposure and followers on Instagram.



Those are the two tools I use to get better insights into Instagram accounts. There are more tools out there, some that charge and some that are free. I suggest giving these two tools a try first before shelling out any money.