Setting up the HP DeskJet 3054 J610a on a wireless network without WPS

A few years ago when I bought my Macbook Air at the Apple Store they were running a promotion for a free printer. So I opted for the HP DeskJet 3054 for free. I was able to easily connect the printer to the wireless network by using the CD-ROM disc that came with the printer, but after a few years and a few upgrades later (Mac OSX Lion and physical router), the printer would not connect to the wireless network.


The first problem was that I had to get a replacement wireless router from Verizon after my original one crapped out. I believe the printer had stored the wireless network information from the initial setup and could not find the network again. I suppose if I retained the name of the original network I wouldn’t have this problem, but I threw caution to the wind and went with a new network name.

Through my Google Kung Fu skills I tracked down information that allowed me to intermittently print wirelessly from my Macs. This involved disconnecting from the AP and connecting directly to the printer. I was fine doing this when I needed to print (not very often), but my wife had difficulty with this work around. Not to mention, I wasn’t able to use my HP ePrint iOS app to print from my iPhone.IMG_0226


I finally had enough this Sunday morning and decided to fix this issue once and for all. I conjured my my Google Kung Fu skills again and departed on the quest to fix this issue.

I found quite a lot of posts on the HP forums of people having this same problem. Posts from the HP employees were often to links that no longer existed or canned responses that didn’t do much. I tried all of the suggested tips with no results on all three Macs. I finally brought out my old PC laptop and downloaded the PC setup files.

Lo and behold, I went through the setup process on the PC and it configured the printer to connect to the wireless network that the PC was on. I immediately printed a Printer Status Report and it showed that the IP address was So I jumped on the Macs and added the printer manually using the IP address and was able to print test pages from each Mac. I started my iPhone app and was able to print from my iPhone again!

I posted my workaround on the HP forums, so hopefully others with this particular printer and a Mac could possibly borrow a PC to setup the printer on their wireless network.